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Market Your Brand with Virtual Reality

You wow people on immersive VR experiences, we tailor you quality Google cardboard.

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Who We Are

Ad Cardboard is a subsidairy company of Sunwaytek Limited, starts in 2016, specializing in production of custom Google cardboard and Virtual reality headsets.

We are a group of ordinary guys, no great talent, but believe in a simple principle: work hard, make customers happy, and earn what we deserve. Most of us have more than 10 years of professional experience, we love what we do everyday, and persue to do better.

Our operation is based in the world famous manufacture center Shenzhen, China, including a well equiped printing & packaging factory, and a share-held plastic mold factory. We supply to worldwide business customers of advertising and marketing, VR content & app production, distribution and retail.

Why Choose Us

  • We are responsible. Your trust means so much to us, it spurs us on to greater effort. Any excuse is a shame.
  • We are flexible. There's no too small or too big business for us.
  • We are experienced. Led by a group of warhorses, we know how to do a nice job.
  • We are cooperative. We enjoy to listen, learn, and work out better solutions. We are ready for you all the time.
  • We are price competitive. That's because we save more and earn less, no loss of quality.

How We Make Cardboard

process 1: printing


process 2: coating


process 3: laminating


process 4: creasing and cutting


process 5: handwork



34mm lens for Google Cardboard V2

34mm Lens

34mm diameter PMMA lens, comply with Google Cardboard I/O 2015 technical specifications, precise focal, minimum distortion, among the best lenses you can source in China.

Google Cardboard V2

Cardboard VR Viewer

Inspired by Google Cardboard I/O 2015 edition, and made with WWGC specifications, fully compatible with Works with Google Cardboard ecosystem. Our carboard viewer features excellent performance thanks to our high standard lens and meticulous making.

Tips for Better VR Experience

Choose high quality lens with minimum distortion, correct focal length and good field of view. Google designed 34mm lens is the best.

good quality lens

VR viewer with full enclosure is better, which can block aimbient light. One input to interact with screen is must-have.

google cardboard

A phone with 2K or above resolution dramaticaly enhances the view experince.

2K+ resolution phone

Use viewer profile to correct lens distortion. Scan our preset QR profile below, or creat using the Viewer Profile Generator.

adcardboard V2 QR viewer profile

What We Did

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